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About Dr. James Taylor



Why vote for James Taylor?

I can’t promise you that you will agree with all of my decisions in

Washington. However, I can promise you that I will make every

decision based on the 3 C’s principle.


If it violates the US or Oklahoma Constitution then that is a “No” vote, no need to go any further.


It might be Constitutional but if it violates my conscience that is a “No” vote.


It might be Constitutional and does not violate my conscience then the question is, will it help or hurt my constituents?

If it hurts them that is a “No” vote.

If it is Constitutional, does not violate my Conscience, and does not hurt my Constituents then, that is a “Yes” vote.

James taught history to at-risk kids in middle school. He believes that knowledge is the key to breaking the chains of poverty and has

witnessed it firsthand from his students. On November 4th, 2021, James was terminated from his teaching job, along with 5 other teachers, by the OKCPS Board for not complying with the illegal and unconstitutional COVID-19 Mandates, click here to learn more.


James is also Senior Pastor of Christ’s Church of Norman, Ok. In addition to, clergyman and teaching duties, he has authored, “It’s Biblical, Not Political!,” which guides Christians on how to vote conservatively. He is also the producer of the DVD: “Critical Race Theory vs. The Bible” which exposes the lies of CRT being taught in our

education system.


He is happily married to Rapheala and they

have four adult children, two foster children at

home (they are adopting), and four grandchildren.

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