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Below you will find my stance on some of the main issues we are facing as a Nation. 

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Social Issues

I believe that life is one of God's most precious gifts; therefore, I view abortion as murder, and it must be abolished. Life has value. The Constitution guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our Founding Fathers understood you could not pursue happiness, unless you were free to do so and had life. Therefore, if you kill life, then you kill liberty, and you kill the pursuit of a meaningful existence. I will do whatever I can to abolish abortion, and not merely regulate it. I, for one, am glad we abolished slavery and not merely tried to regulate it.

Second Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is the most important; without it, we will soon lose all our rights. The 2nd Amendment is the linchpin of all of our freedoms. When our right to bear arms is taken, it is only a matter of time before all of our freedoms are stripped away. I will not vote to weaken our 2nd Amendment right.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"

- Second Amendment

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Election Integrity

On October 24, 2020, there were 118,740,030 legal registered voters for the November 2020 election; however, 159,633,396 votes were cast. That means there were 40,893,366 more votes than legal registered voters. This resulted in a 126% turnout to vote. Clearly, the integrity of the 2020, Presidential Election was compromised. The integrity of our elections is a matter of national security and has profound impact upon the survival of our Constitutional Republic; therefore, I will fight to ensure the safest and securest elections in the country.


The government’s role in the economy is to guarantee equality of opportunity for all and leave success to individual drive, work ethic, abilities, gifts, and talents. It is not the government’s responsibility to take care of you. God has four tiers of responsibility. Personal responsibility is first. Do not go to anybody else, to get them to do for you, what you can do for yourself. Everything starts with personal responsibility. Next is family responsibility. If there is a needy relative in your family, who has a legitimate need, the family is supposed to take care of them. Next is church responsibility. When you are doing all that, you can as an individual, and when the family is doing all that, they can, and you are still unable to make ends meet, then the church comes along as God’s extended family to assist. Finally, are agencies or the state responsibility. The state is the last fallback position. That is the devastation of welfare. Welfare is telling people they don’t have to be responsible; the state will take care of you. This creates chaos, irresponsibility, and dependency.

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It is not the government’s responsibility to raise your children, it is not the school’s responsibility to raise your children, it’s not even the church’s responsibility to raise your children. It is the parent’s responsibility to raise your children. God gave them to you to raise. The government, the school, and the church are to come along side of you, to assist you, in raising your children. Therefore, I will fight to put parents in charge of their children’s education and stand up to the woke mob and radical left, as they force Critical Race Theory, and other humanistic philosophies, onto our children, that drive racial wedges in society.

The Border

We have a humanitarian crisis on the southern border unlike any other time in history. If there was ever a national security risk, it is what is taking place on the border. I have no problem with legal immigration; I have major problems with illegal immigration. As your Congressman, I will fight to secure the border and finish the wall. That would include the necessary border guards, and the equipment to do their job to secure our border.

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Coronavirus Mandates

You do not have freedom if you are forced to do something. That would include mandatory masks, vaccines, vaccine passports, or lockdowns. In the history of the world, when epidemiological events have occurred, we quarantine the sick, not the healthy. This has been profound governmental overreach and must stop! I will push for the 10th Amendment, from Washington D.C., to be enacted by our state to stop this overreach. I will fight for you to not lose your employment, means of support for your family, health insurance, and other benefits simply because you exercise your right to control your own body.

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